Bio & Mission

Jessie Junghwa Lee started to take piano lessons at age 6, just as any other ordinary child who loves to learn and have fun with music while exploring her wildest imagination and creativity on keyboard. She continued to play the piano and enjoy her early music education with no serious intention. At age 11, she met a new, inspiring teacher who encouraged and challenged her to find her love, passion, and talent for piano music, making her devote to become a classical pianist.

This lead her to pursue her dream of becoming a professional pianist. Soon after, her professional education started at a renowned art school, Sun-Hwa Art School, placed in South Korea at the age of 12 to 18. There, she met internationally well-educated and world renown pianists and pedagogues whose instructions provided her well formed ground as a piano performer and an artist.

After moving to Montreal, she entered McGill University with an honor of first place at the entrance audition. Under Prof. Marina Mdivani, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance with an outstanding achievement.  During her study at McGill, she received Bruneau Prize and Lubka Kolessa Awards each year. Successively, she gained her Master’s degree in piano interprétation at Université de Montréal under supervision of Prof. Jean Saulnier.

With more than a decade of her experience as a piano teacher and a pianist, Jessie has shared her knowledge and love for piano music with various age groups and levels ranging from first-year beginners to  talented ones.  As a piano teacher, her mission is to promote piano study not only for personal expression and performance success, but also as a vehicle for the students’ creative and cognitive development. At her private studio, she enjoys every challenge of providing a structured and well-rounded musical education and making her students’ piano learning experience (which can be stressful or frustrating) enjoyable and rewarding while creating a comfortable, judgmental free environment.

Listen to Jessie Lee playing the piano here:

Jessie Lee Piano